Dental Savings Options Wasilla, AK

Affordable Dentist, No Insurance Necessary

Need to find a reliable dentist in Wasilla, AK, but have no insurance? Lucille Dental has got you covered. Our family dental practice gives patients that option for paying cash for dental work should they be without insurance. But we also make those payments more affordable with dentist cash discounts and convenient dental savings plans that can fit into every patient’s budget.


Cash Payment Dental Work Plans

Sifting through dental implant finance options or finding a reasonable cash price for dental cleanings and other dental work can be a pain without insurance. Our staff at Lucille Dental understands how expensive it can be to pay for the dentist without insurance, but we also know just how crucial these procedures can be to a patient’s health.

To address this issue, we’ve created in-house dental savings plans and other affordable dentist cash discounts to give patients the care they need at a practical price. Our no insurance dental care plans provide the treatments you and your family require without costing you a fortune. Talk with a member of our staff for more information about all our cash payment dental plans.


Learn More About Family Dental Care Savings

At Lucille Dental, come find a cash pay dentist near you in Wasilla, AK. Our family practice can take the financial burden off your shoulders with more affordable dental financing options than you’ll find anywhere else in the Mat-Su Valley. Find dentists that accept no insurance here; get in touch with us today!